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Shopping for Porsche 914 Cylinder Heads,

admin - Thursday, January 21, 2016

When shopping for Porsche 914 cylinder heads, watch out for:

• Broken bosses around the guides, these can cause the new guides to go in crooked, valve alignment problems and seats cut off center. This can make an otherwise good head junk.


• Broken exhaust studs are not usually a big problem, but inexperienced attempts to repair them usually are.


• Exhaust port sealing surfaces can be damaged by attempts to hammer out the copper seal rings.

FYI pry them out with a sharp straight blade screwdriver

contacting the edge of the copper ring inside the port. This works every time!


• Spark plug hole cracks are scary but as long as the crack is short and not curved down toward the exhaust seat, you can use them. I mostly have them welded but I have also added a TimeSert for the plug threads and have not had further problems. If you have

the crack welded, make sure some extra material is added on either side of the plug or it will crack again.

• Broken or cracked cooling fins.


• Valve seats that have had too many or bad cuts will end up with the valves "pocketed" causing poor air flow, extra shims required under the springs to maintain seat pressure and changed geometry for the rocker arms. The seats will need to be replaced by an air cooled expert machinist.


• Pitting in the combustion chambers and intake ports from water setting in the engine.


• Combustion chamber damage from dislodged seats, broken valves, broken valve guides or debris in the intake system.


• Combustion chamber seal surface cut too many times or deeper to raise compression or the cutting for larger



Unfortunately 914 2.0 heads are now 40 or more years old and most have at least one of the above problems.

Buy carefully!



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