Rebuilt & Improved Porsche 914/4 Relay Board




Rebuilt & Improved Porsche 914/4 Relay Board


Rebuilt 914/4 engine compartment relay board. This part is correct for all years 4 cylinder cars. The internal connections on the original relay board were swaged and not soldered, the connections have become loose after many heating and cooling cycles as well as exposed to the elements when the original tar like material on the bottom side of the board cracked and fell off exposing the components the tar was supposed to protect.

We completely clean and remove the old tar and have found a special solder to make a permanent repair to all these swaged connections. The bottom side has been repotted in an authentic looking vinyl based moisture proof material for lasting protection.

NO CORE REQUIRED. These 40+ year old boards are responsible for many electrical maladies including intermittent stalling, charging problems, loss of power to the fuel pump. If you have ever temporarily corrected an electrical problem by simply unplugging and re-plugging a round relay on the board, you need this product!

I have 45+ years of 914 service and parts. If any questions please call  309 694-1797 or email. Brad Mayeur.