Porsche 914
914 Limited is a Vintage Porsche Restoration & Parts Center

Welcome to the restoration & repair shop of Brad Mayeur, a specialist in Vintage Porsche models, especially the 914.

With over 40 years of experience with Porsche restorations, repairs, parts & service on  the air cooled Porsche 914, Porsche 914/6,  Porsche 911,  Porsche 912  & even the legendary Porsche 356.

Besides full restorations, Brad Mayeur & Michael Hanson schedule regular maintenance, electrical and mechanical repairs, engine and transaxle repairs-rebuilds, structural and rust repairs, track preparation, modifications,  & engine swaps.

914 LTD also stocks two warehouses of used & new Porsche parts, including “New Old Stock”.

Time Machine. An article featuring Brad Mayeur and 914 LTD Click here

Wanted to buy or trade

We are always looking for 914 parts, new & used, 914 project cars, parts cars, as well as 914’s in good condition.  Also any 914 related literature, aftermarket accessories or racing parts.

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Winter Repair Specials
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Winter Repair Specials
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