Porsche 914 Chassis Repair Panel ONE SIDE ONLY -RIGHT SIDE




Excellent for repairing longitudinal and jack receiver rust. Also extensively used for competition chassis stiffening and large engine installations. The panels are .100 thick (very strong) and extend from front wheel house to the outer rear suspension console. Welding is required. The rear section of the panel sandwiches between the outer suspension console and the trailing arm. Permanently restores door gap and eliminates fleXing problems. Provides a base to weld to if additional repair is needed in floors, inner longitudinal, or firewall area. Excellent installation instructions included plus my  personal assistance if you have questions. I have been selling and installing these for 36 years. There is nothing on the market for 914 chassis repair that is this strong, proven or easy to install. Free Shipping.

I  have 45+ years of Porsche service and parts experience.  If any questions please call 309 694-1797 or email.